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Straight from the south of the world, the band Hard Breakers rewrites their own story and turns their love of music into energy to chart new challenges. It is with all this gas that Hard Breakers arrives with great news for the scene of heavy metal and hard rock! The guys have a new CD showing up. “In The Dead Of The Night”. The album comes with the label Megahard Records, which signs the release of the work and the production, mixing and mastering of Jonas Godoy and Arthur Appel, vocalist and guitarist of the band.

Breaking the barriers
“In The Dead Of The Night” marks the return of Hard Breakers to the stage, an important step in the band’s career. The group arrives to break any barrier, with an organic hard rock, intimidating, heavy and with a lot of identity. In his third studio work, the band dared even more in weight, coupled with a more modern seasoning in compositions and arrangements, and maturing. The album was recorded in 2016 at the Linha Sonora and Broken Glass Studios and will soon be available in physical and digital format on streaming platforms.

Bringing in more experience and setting a new formation, the new album arose from the desire to translate the essence of pure hard rock – with influences in the classic Skid Row, Kiss, Motley Crue, Sixx Am and Whitesnake – for a modern and aggressive sound. This result is seen in the electrifying melodies of the guitar duo, audacious and powerful vocals, and a dynamic and accurate “kitchen”.

The album brings messages of optimism and overcoming: experiences lived in times of transition, disappointments, challenges and achievements are reported in a peculiar way. Human relationships, the desire, the noir universe and the dichotomy between good and evil permeate the tracks, bringing sophistication and poetry to the weight of the songs.


Hard Breakers:
Arthur Appel – Vocal | Guitar | Piano
Aaron Alves – Guitar | Vocal
Rodrigo Marenna – Bass | Vocal
Ricardo Machado – Drums | Vocal

By Bruce Lenzi


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