Welcome A Toi Me’shen to Twisters Music Famiy


Doug Miller – Bass
Scott Pitcock – Guitar, Backup Vocals
Daynon Lato – Vocals, Guitar
Tony Lanza – Vocals

a toi me’SHen is a unique blend of amazing talent featuring 3 lead vocalists from a wide range of various styles and backgrounds. The band includes influences ranging from rock, metal, hip-hop, pop, alternative, electronic and many more; in which contributes to a unique style and approach to modern music. We strive to bring lyrical content that reflects on the time that we live in; may it be hardships, loving relationships, personal dilemmas, political views and human nature. All things that we love, embrace, share and sometimes even choose to ignore. Our main goal is to provide our fans with the uttermost satisfaction in all realms of the music industry, including: Album Quality, Online Content and Interaction, Merchandise, Media and of course our Live Show. a toi me’SHen operates under the philosophy in which reflects directly through its name a toi me’SHen and the definition behind each word in the name. Hence the phonetic spelling for A Toy Machine. TOY – To be treated with less than due respect by another; to be toyed with for ones amusement. MACHINE – A group of collective parts or individuals each serving their own purpose or function joined together to operate as a machine; a group of organized and powerful men (The Government). Us humans are all connected in unique ways. May it be through interests, work, points of view, common problems or just human nature. We are all toys of the machine. We appreciate the time you have taken to read this and looking at our album. Much love!


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