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Bruce Lenzi

Bruce Lenzi

Twisters Music reviews All or Nothing by ONE



Did Picasso rush a painting? Did Bach or Beethoven rush a concierto? Did One rush the making of “All Or Nothing”? I think the title of their 4th album answers the question!

After almost 4 years in the making , adding a new member to the family and a new, fresh outlook in music writing , One releases their masterpiece- “All or Nothing” 12 tracks that either have you whalin on air guitar and drums and then a couple slower melodic tracks that make you think back at some prior periods of your own life.

Danny Rossi and Chris Stanforth have been writing songs together for years , Phil Hardy, the bassist, was the next addition to the band and had done some shows and was on the Worlds Collide album and tour, and Sean Pothier, drummer was the final addition to the band after numerous requests by the band to join, and after listening to the album non- stop for days now, it really seems that they have totally clicked as a band and family on this album. Hate to use the term, and sound cliche, but “Heart and Soul’ is what I hear in this album! Or as they titled it “ALL OR NOTHING” and believe it from this rock lover- they hit it ALL!!

Every track has something for everyone, hard driving riffs, great lyrics and hooks, a rythym section tempo that flows with each tune, and the slower melodic tunes, showing more of Danny’s great vocal and lyrical diversity! I thought “Sorry” off of “Dirty Valentine” released back in 2009, was my all-time favorite melodic ballad from the band, until I heard “Last GoodBye” and “What are we Fighting For” Now it’s a toss up!!. Then there’s “Seventh Son”, “Clawing at my Insides” and “Down to the Wire” for the hard rock fans in which the band kicks it into over-drive!

“Am I Beautiful” was the 1st video/single released, the band must’ve had a hard time figuring that out, because in my opinion, almost every track could’ve been released as 1st single/video.

Wondering what the next song/video to be released is? I know, you’ll just have to wait to find out, but go buy this album and try to guess the next one yourself – I dare you!

“All or Nothing” available here:

One’s Website-

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