Recorded chat with Chet of BloodBath & Beyond on Twisters Music

The members of BBNB converged onto Jacksonville, Florida in 2015 from all over the USA. Chaz Winter from New York (Lead Singer; Guitar Wizard; Original Founder) met with Chet Lewis from Texas (Guitarist; Creator of Mayhem) in Orange Park Florida over drinks and a burger to discuss creating a band unlike anything currently available to the music enthusiasts of Jacksonville.

After a long, painful search, BBNB was officially born when two very sick but creative individuals joined the team, entered the studio and began putting together one heck of a show: Zakk Harris from Indiana (Drums) who looked like Clark Kent but plays like Joey Jordison, and bass player Shane Waldrop, also from New York, who loves thumping the hard notes and kicking tables.

Me with Blood Bath & Beyond at Bruzapalooza 2016


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