Bruce Lenzi

Bruce Lenzi

Recorded call in with Chris of Hangman’s Crown on Twisters Music

Chris Harvey- founding member of Hangman’s Crown- chats with me about new CD “The Raven & The Dove” and other things going on in the HC World –

The idea and concepts for Hangman’s Crown were first envisioned by vocalist Chris Harvey, drummer Mickey Lilly, and guitarist Tanner Sharman in 2011, completing the early core of the band. After a few bassists and many shows, the line-up was finalized by adding Joseph McAbee on bass. In 2014 Hangman’s Crown released their self-titled album recorded at Martell Studios in Kingsland, GA.

RECORDED CHAT AND 2 GREAT TRACKS OFF OF CD “Rattle Them Bones” and “Stay”-



The dark horse band from Baker County went through more changes in 2015. Daniel Lilly assumed the drum throne duties allowing Mickey Lilly to switch over to guitar joining up with mainstay guitarist Tanner Sharman to form a dual axe attack. The new lineup went on to play a few shows culminating with the 2016 album “The Raven & The Dove” recorded, once again, at Martell Studios with the expertise of Stan Martell. Hangman’s Crown will continue playing shows and sharing their brand of unique and original hard rock music in venues all over Florida and beyond.


Buy album and merch here: http://hangmanscrown.com/store

Hangman’s Crown site: http://hangmanscrown.com/

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