Bruce Lenzi

Bruce Lenzi

Recorded Call in Sean Watson of Inner Demons

Inner Demons is a Jacksonville, Florida based metal/ hard rock band. Originally formed in 2006 began playing out. After years of playing and inner turmoil the band called it quits in 2009. James Leopard (drums) in the fall of 2013 got the itch to play again and reached out to Chuck Hillyard (lead guitar). Needing a new vocalist they found Karl Hasse online. With their new found drive they reached out to Zakk Hillyard (bassist) whom had relocated and was the missing piece of the band. A newly reformed band was now ready to hit the scene hard.

With the new dynamic vocal range of Karl the band began writing new riffs and pushing forward. In September of 2015 the band released their album Cry, Scream, Beg. After months of playing the band realized they needed another guitarist as newly written riffs required two guitarist. Sean Watson from local band Kilo-Khan answered the call, and thus Inner Demons was ready to turn things up to 11. The Jacksonville music scene captivated by a new movement (The Rockvillains) welcomed the much needed band to the scene. Inner Demons continues to play and captivate their audience. Meshing styles from Corrosion of Conformity, Pantera, and Lamb of God the band continues to be a show stopper.

Currently ranked number one on the Reverberation charts Inner Demons is currently in the studio writing and recording their follow up to Cry, Scream, Beg. Scheduled for release at the end of May, this album will show the growth and evolution of their music . Their first single “Never Coming Home”released on Twisters Music in November 2015 pays homage to the loss of vocalist Karl’s brother who lost his life in the Iraq war.

Band Members
Karl Hasse (Vocals), Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), Jeremy Langham (Drums), Zakk Hillyard (Bass) Sean Watson(Rhythm Guitar)

Recorded call in with Karl – Exclusive release of “Never Coming Home”-

Recorded Call in -Sean Watson -Inner Demons-

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