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NEWMACHINE is a peak of talent that blends all the right elements of rock and pop music into a standard that not only stands the test of time but taps into today. A rock band that delivers a memorable musical experience with amazingly strong songs full of hooks, laced with soaring vocals and guitar harmonies.

NEWMACHINE was formed by drummer Ryche Green and includes bassist Jim Miller, vocalist Tommy Williams, guitarist Polo Staber, and guitarist Lorenzo ‘Zo’ DelVecchio. Each member has a deep rich history in music scene, are no strangers to touring, and are the consummate professional when it comes to their music. Realizing that the sum of the parts yield something greater than anyone has recently achieved on their own, it was time to position all the parts in to NEWMACHINE.

New CD “KARMA” AVAILABLE HERE:!/NEWMACHINE-Karma/p/77631785/category=22093367

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