Bruce Lenzi

Bruce Lenzi

Featured Video “World of Fire” by Dive Bomber

The official Dive Bomber music video for our new song “World of Fire” off the new album “America the Beautiful” to be released later in 2017. Much of this footage was shot at Comic Con 2015 in San Diego, CA.

Dive Bomber was formed in 2010 when Toad, Catfish and Pane met Nomad via a random chance email on Craigslist. After months of planning and a cross country plane flight, the band met for the first time and immediately made a magical connection. Nomad’s soulful vocals were the missing piece of the puzzle that the rest of the band had been looking for in the year or so they had been jamming together. Pane and Toad form the hard driving, rhythmic sound that is the essence of the Dive Bomber experience. Catfish’s aggressive crazy guitar riffs and animated facial expressions set the stage for Nomad’s amazing and unpredictable stage presence and incredible vocal range. Together the band creates a unique experience that is the pure adrenaline rush and crazy vibe of a Dive Bomber concert.

Dive Bomber has made a name for itself in Hollywood, San Diego, Los Angeles and across all of Southern California as a high energy, take-no-prisoners band that throws down a serious heavy groove and an amazing live show. Dive Bomber released a 10 song CD entitled “Pinups in Parachutes” produced by Platinum selling producer John Kurzweg in 2011, whose credits include Creed’s Human Clay album as well as recent recordings from Puddle of Mud and Godsmack.

The new second album is due to released soon and is being produced by legendary producer Bill Metoyer.


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