Dead Man’s Mail Review by Samantha Miller of Twisters Music

Dead Man’s Mail rolled into San Antonio from my home state of North Carolina as the opening act for Zoso: The Led Zeppelin Experience. But the crowd response and turnout told me that they were on equal footing.

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Band members Brad Benson, Zack Johnson, Jeremy Roberts, brother Michael Roberts and Angus Aull II came with the sound, fans, merchandise and the mail! Prior to the concert, I was able to sit down and have a great discussion with the guys. In a true Southern gentleman’s style, they waited for me to have a seat, asked if I would like anything to drink and handed out the swag. Save the shirt, I purchased that myself!

After some pre-show bantering, it is interesting to find out how a song is developed, what it means to the artist and how the artist feels when he hears a different perspective on the same song.

After a great conversation about all things DMM, it was time for them to take the stage. And much like being in a Category 3 Hurricane, everyone was blown away at the musical and physical impression these cats left.

Brad’s vocals are so much more rich and leathery in person than on the EP. Everyone is musically sound and tight due to time constraints. Not one second was wasted while onstage.


As I walked between the stage and the fans, it was clear by the response that DMM was a big hit here. A majority of fans were very familiar with the band’s set list. The girls want to be with the guys in the band and the guys at the concert want to be the Men in the Band. A win – win for Zach, one of the founding members of Dead Man’s Mail.



After their portion of the concert was over, we headed up to the front of the house to observe the merchandise sales. Sales were steady and brisk, but more than that, is the accessibility the fans have to the band. Before I knew it, I was taking photos of the fans with the guys either doing individual pictures or huge group photos. Pressing the flesh goes along way with fans. Every single band member took as long as needed with each fan. They do not rush…they truly care about each and every person.


If you get a chance to see Dead Man’s Mail in person or one of the many side projects each one may have going on, do so. You will be thrilled when this package arrives in your town… ~S.M.

Photos and Review by Samantha Miller of Twisters Music




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