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Inner Demons is a Jacksonville, Florida based metal/ hard rock band. Originally formed in 2006 began playing out. After years of playing and inner turmoil the band called it quits in 2009. James Leopard (drums) in the fall of 2013 got the itch to play again and reached out to Chuck Hillyard (lead guitar). Needing…(Read More)

Dan Johnson has been called one of the hottest hard rock/metal drummers on the scene today. He is currently a member of Korn guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch’s Love and Death, as well as the touring drummer for the Christian rock band, Red. When not touring and recording he takes on drum students. In…(Read More)

Twisters Music catches up with Speed- Frontman/lyricist of Silvertung – Featured Band of the Week- and longtime family member of the show. Listen in for updates about shows- music and future videos coming out of the Silvertung Nation- also a couple tracks included before and after the interview from the newly released EP  “Out of…(Read More)

Ben Kuzay is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and one of the world’s leading instrumental bassists. Known for his riveting compositions and virtuosic playing ability, he has earned high praise from fans and musicians alike. Kuzay is credited with having influenced a movement of instrumental bassists whose purpose in creating music is strictly the art…(Read More)

The members of BBNB converged onto Jacksonville, Florida in 2015 from all over the USA. Chaz Winter from New York (Lead Singer; Guitar Wizard; Original Founder) met with Chet Lewis from Texas (Guitarist; Creator of Mayhem) in Orange Park Florida over drinks and a burger to discuss creating a band unlike anything currently available to…(Read More)

Front man/Lyricist Thomas Crane of  Together in Exile- Featured Band of the Week-chats with Twister in support of new album “Destroy Something Beautiful” and upcoming show this Sat. June 25th at Jack Rabbits -Jax Fla. Event info below link: Recorded chat with Thomas-Together in…(Read More)

That Riff Promotions called into Twisters Music to update us with new info for Villainfest 2016- also chat with some members of the Villains and bands!! Villainfest 2016 link here: New Day: Bleeding in Stereo:…(Read More)

After meeting and playing in different bands for years, finding out that we go together like peas and carrots. Both having similar interests (music and beer) and knowing the direction that we wanted to go. We decided it was time to do our own thing. We joined forces to form Screaming in Silence. Currently Brian…(Read More)