Bruce Lenzi

Bruce Lenzi

broken TESTIMONY- Featured Band of the Week

Inspired by some of the most prestigious musicians in the industry, such as; Breaking Benjamin, Tool, Chevelle, Korn, and more. Broken Testimony proves they’re more than up to the task with the sound of their kinetic debut album Holding on to Nothing, which celebrated its release on June 22, 2018. From the unsettling ghostlike vibes of “Unknown” to the moody slither of “Fade Away” to the ugly metallic screamo head of “Medusa” to the ultimate uplift and release of the album-capping “Vitality,” Broken Testimony have staked their claim for being at the forefront of a new generation that’s leading rock & roll’s ever-evolving melting pot. “I want someone to pick up this album and go, ‘Yeah — whatever you guys are doing, I’m on board. This is worth it. This is a band I need to invest in.’” Adds Chism.

Without a doubt, based on the myriad of satisfying sonic evidence found all throughout this most evocative debut album, Broken Testimony handily demonstrate that you can get something from nothing.

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