Brand New Music from American Zer0s added to Twisters Music

American Zer0s is what happens when you take a punkish guitarist, funky-ass bassist and a rock metal dynamic drummer…through them into a room for a year….then see what happens…something fucking amazing baby!

Guitars, Vocals: Citi Zenx (Citizen X) – creator and Jager processor
Bass Backing Vocals: T-Bone (Tony Lentz)
Drums, Percussion: B-Boz (Benny Boswell) , he’s not in the pocket…he IS the pocket baby!
Guitar Backing Vocals: ЯOSS


In 2012 Citi-X was born through trials and frustration with the world around him. He needed an avenue to express this angst and turned to his music to vent his frustration. Grabbing his trusty 157 Gibby he went into the studio with a couple friends and recorded the Demos for Something, Madness and Diabla…

It came as a surprise to everyone that the demos were gaining some acclaim in the licensing realm being placed in film, TV and live sporting events and highlight shows.

in 2013 Citi went in this time with a couple new friends and recorded a couple more demos and bam! magic happened again. Citi-X was sold at this point but didn’t have a full time band. That’s when fate brought Citi and BBoz together a journeyman musician in his own right. BBoz heard the potential and the magic in the message.

Citi and BBoz, not being satisfied with being just a licensing band snagged up on an old friend of BBoz’s to see if the magic transferred onto the elevated platform of a live performance, and it did. In no time American ZerOs were sharing a venue with Nonpoint just 4 short months after BBoz and Citi-X Met. This was the clincher for the pair. They needed to find two more serious musicians that believed in the ZerOs movement.

While looking for these mythical creatures Citi-X and BBoz went into the studio to cut Liar! and than retracked all of the previous songs driving them out of Demo land into the polished American ZerOs sound that is found on the “Preamble-ep”

In January of 2015, pumped from the tracking of “Preamble” the mythical beasts were found. Tony & Яo$$ joined the ZerOs party.

See new video here:F{ull} M{etal} J{acket}-

2017 is a brand new chapter for American Zer0s with the release of Red White Black & Blue- Coming soon!!

By Bruce Lenzi


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