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Recorded Show with co-hosts – The Fairy Rock Mother and Jere Perry of Ion Indie Magazine…(Read More)

Kavan – Melodic, metal-fused Hard Rock. Revered as one of the top live bands in the Los Angeles area, Kavan has played every stage imaginable in SoCal, including being granted a residency at the world famous Whisky-A-Go-Go. Kavan’s origin spans the globe with members hailing from all over the US and…(Read More)

……..Formed in Jacksonville Florida in early 2013, by long time friends Guitarist Paul Joseph,and Drummer/Vocalist DJ Riddick……………..The two started Wood shedding in an old tin barn in Jacksonville for months working on songs and to get their sound together ……it was either 120 degrees, or freezing cold for months,…..but that’s…(Read More)

For the last 20 years Liberty n’ Justice has been turning out some of the most talked about records in the melodic rock market. Starting in 1992, Justin Murr and original lead singer Patrick Marchand released the first LNJ record “Armed with the Cross”. Along the way, “the little band that can” has released 13…(Read More)

What a great event that was thrown for my medical needs!! I want to Thank all who planned-was part of and who came out and donated their time and or monies to the event- Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!! Also a special Thank you to the RockVillains- Jessica.Samantha,Ricky…(Read More)

SuckerPunch-Danish Rock band with class and power . has not existed so long, but musicians have played together for many years. This can especially be felt in their professional -attitudes and energy on stage. ” Suckerpunch was the evening’s absolute last band with state- inspired rock and a great end to the evening . Lead…(Read More)

REBEL COLLECTIVE are a bunch of drunk, swedish, white trash, metalheads that after a few too many beers had the excellent idea to start a band together. In some of their sober moments they actually recorded some songs and printed a CD to introduce themselves to the world. They started showing up on stage on…(Read More)

All four members of (de)absolve bring ten plus years of musical experience to the table. “With a combined forty years music experience there is no hurdle we can’t overcome. We live and breathe the motto, BEYOND THE BOUNDS. We strive to expand ourselves into the limitless potential of the universe. To understand who…(Read More)

Chicago’s Long Live The Goat recently issued their 2-song debut A Greeting From The Dark King back in November and despite the incredibly short offering, the duo of tracks reveal some great promise in this band. The two songs, “Drag” (Official Video below) and title track “A Greeting From The Dark King” are…(Read More)