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Paul Phillips- will be calling into Twisters Music- Wed Feb 3rd at 7 PM EST-to fill us in with new projects he has in the works and talk about some of his past projects he was part of. Listen in @ or Paul James Phillips (born June 26…(Read More)

2016 marks the 10 year span between The Veer Unions’ first album “Time To Break The Spell” released in 2006 and their brand NEW upcoming release appropriately titled “DECADE” slated to be released on January 29, 2016. This is the first full length album release since their 2012 release “Divide The Blackened Sky”. This marks…(Read More)

Rhode Island’s WITCH MEADOW fought tooth and nail through the ‘90s during a period where heavy metal was no longer the powerhouse genre it had been the previous decade. The fact that they were isolated from the influential New York and New Jersey metal scenes helped the group craft tunes that successfully merged styles…(Read More)

Love The Hate is a modern rock band based out of Mobile, Alabama. Influences include such bands as Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, 10 Years and Deftones to name a few.Love The Hate will be playing shows regionally to start…. but look forward to expanding into a larger demographic in the near future. Be on the…(Read More)

The bands origins can be dated as far back as 2009 when Bassist Mike Vettel and Guitarist Mike Andes had already begun writing what would be the foundation of F.I.L.T.H. The pair enlisted new members for the project only to realize later the lineup would ultimately have to change. “There was…(Read More)

The North is a guitar driven hard rock band from Los Angeles, CA. With a musical catalogue that runs from blistering riff based tunes to soulfully sung ballads, the North plays a brand of rock in keeping with the tradition of iconic bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains. http…(Read More)

Oh yeah- uncensored-unedited- Why-CWDGAF!! Raw-Wildman/frontman of AMIIC will be rocking Twisters Music airwaves this Fri. 1/22 -1230 pm EST– This will be RAW!!! Listen in @ or   ASKMEIFICARE PROUDLY GOES WHERE NO BAND HAS GONE BEFORE JACKSONVLLE’S SKYWAY SYSTEM!!!!WE SNUCK ON…(Read More)

Montreal based NonHuman Era’s story begins with a few musical ideas exchanged between the two founding members of the group circa 2007. Rick and Carlo who happen to be cousins began to imagine and crave an original, emotionally driven; Progressive Metal based style of music. Fast forward several years of countless member auditions and…(Read More)

Do they care? -MFU – CWDGAF- Hell no! That’s the final and only answer for the up and coming rock/rap/alternative band Askmeificare that continues to rock venues in the Jacksonville area, building a fan base of people who like real music. The band consists of three guys, Joe, JLee and Rockstar Raw. One…(Read More)

Out of Aarhus, Denmark, comes “Fusskalt” (pronounced /fu:s//kalt/), the five-piece, bastard child of seasoned musicians from various parts of the Danish metal and rock scene. Fusskalt plays a no-nonsense, upbeat stoner metal/desert rock hybrid that makes you wanna yank the throttle, put the pedal to the metal, and cruise on…(Read More)