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“Rise as Equals” is the slogan surrounding the release of Saul’s new ep, “The Touching of Parallels”. Rise: a degree of elevation, Equals: not above or below but eye to eye. These words are bringing people together in hoards due to its power and realization of achievement. You’re only as good as your…(Read More)

In a time that is monopolized by bands of the latest trend, cookie-cut and nearly indistinguishable from each other, Manna Zen stands out! From their name to their music, their live performance and even their ever-growing fan base….these Florida rockers aren’t trying to top any other act out there, but carve…(Read More)



KillSET – A new project rising from the soiled ashes of other musical endeavors. KillSET was formed by taking an experienced, professional, well-oiled, digital grunge nu metal machine and adding the missing ingredient, an explosive, highly ignited, charismatic front man. Now being undeniably accomplished in all facets of music ranging from creativity to musicianship to…(Read More)

Inner Demons


Inner Demons formed in 2006 and played shows in the southeast. After a couple hundred shows and some band turmoil, the band split in late 2009. After a lengthy hiatus, Inner Demons reformed in 2014 with original members Chuck Hillyard, James Leopard, and Zakk Hillyard. After adding new vocalist Karl Hasse, the reincarnation of Inner…(Read More)

Desolation Row has been rocking the Stateline Area for six years and is going stronger then ever. This four-piece band is made up of: Jared Hoey (drums), JJ Whaley (guitar and vocals), Eddy Whaley (bass), and Jarrett Finley (guitar and vocals). Jared and Jarrett have been members since the group’s inception during the…(Read More)

Brand new album- “Pick your Place” will be added to Twisters Music 24/7 rotation- The album release date is slated for Oct 30th- Check out 1 of the tracks “Fathers” here:- THE KODIAX ARE A GROUP OF FRIENDS AND BROTHERS DOING WHAT WE LOVE IN THE LOUISIANA MUSIC SCENE. A fixture in the Louisiana…(Read More)

Doug Miller – Bass Scott Pitcock – Guitar, Backup Vocals Daynon Lato – Vocals, Guitar Tony Lanza – Vocals a toi me’SHen is a unique blend of amazing talent featuring 3 lead vocalists from a wide range of various styles and backgrounds. The band includes influences ranging from rock, metal, hip-hop, pop, alternative, electronic and…(Read More)

Scottie Somerville -Flying Frontman of Artifas- will be rocking Twisters Music airwaves this Fri- Noon Est- in support of their “Theory of a DEadMAn Blows Tour”!! Listen in @ or Remaining Tour Dates: Heres their newest video-…(Read More)

Las Vegas’ own Cyanide is here to bring back the glory days of heavy metal. To party like it’s 1987. For fans of Motley Crue, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Kiss, Ratt and Guns ‘N Roses among other legendary heavyweights. Their 11 song debut album Lethal Dose is full of high octane, sex, drugs and…(Read More)