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One Way Mirror


One-Way Mirror is a rock metal band on the verge of triggering a revolution in the world of music. The band was created when 5 close friends decided to join forces to create the ultimate rock metal band: Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic), David Potvin (Lyzanxia, Phaze I) Franck Potvin (Lyzanxia, Phaze I) Clement Rouxel (T…(Read More)

This video shot with just an IPhone 5c- and some great imagination!! Incredible video!! Birthed from a small industrial town in northeast Florida comes a band named Bleeding in Stereo. Their origin is humble to say the least but the band has been gaining attention worldwide since its inception in 2010. It all began as…(Read More)

VENREZ – lead vocals, harmony vocals, lyrics What do you say to a guy who at 56 years old says “I’m starting a rock ‘n’ roll band and I’m gonna do the impossible with it.” In the case of Venrez, the man in question, you say “I know you will.” Already a successful movie…(Read More)

Temple of Silence was formed in December 2012 by four former Superfiz musicians: Olivier Spitzer (Stators, Rebel, Satan Jokers, Shakin’Street), guitars; Philippe Kalfon (NH3, Furious Zoo, Shakin’Street), guitars; Didier Duboscq, bass; Aurel (Zuul FX, MoRgLbl, Satan Jokers), drums and the lead singer Laul Nico (Royal Bubble Orchestra, P Vibes, Animal). Early 2013 four…(Read More)

SnakeyeS, the project started by Jose Pineda, Justi Bala and Carlos Delgado (from the Spanish heavy metal band SPHINX) and Romanian singer Cosmin Aionita (9.7 RICHTER), after their debut E.P. in nov 2013 and got an awesome reception from all international reviews, just released the promotional video for “Ultimate Sin”, the first single…(Read More)

Original voice of Sister Mary on Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime 1 & 2 albums, including live DVD performances: Operation LiveCrime, Live Evolution and MindCrime at the Moore. Solo work can be found here:…(Read More)

About Josh Brown: Josh Brown wanted to be a rock-star at a very early age. He began songwriting at the age of 14, forming a band called Sludge. Josh being a natural artist, he put his art on everything, constantly drawing and painting on anything and in any medium he had handy. He started…(Read More)

Super bob is a rock band from the Washington DC area formed under the name “bob” in 05. We have four members. Matt Santoro on vocals, Adam Smith on guitar, Drew Recny on bass, and Chris Faircloth on drums. We wont waste your time with a long winded description of our accomplishments, or grandiose exaggerations…(Read More)